Install MsgFlo and some participant libraries

npm install msgflo msgflo-nodejs
npm install noflo-runtime-msgflo noflo-core
export PATH=./node_modules/.bin:$PATH
export MSGFLO_BROKER=amqp://localhost # which broker to use. Can also be mqtt://

Setup a Node.js participant using msgflo-nodejs (CoffeeScript)

msgflo-nodejs --name repeater ./node_modules/msgflo-nodejs/examples/

Setup a NoFlo participant using noflo-runtime-msgflo

noflo-runtime-msgflo --name out --graph core/Output

Define how the participants form a network (in .FBP DSL)

# FILE: myservice.fbp
repeater(Repeat) OUT -> IN out(Output)

Setup the network

msgflo-setup ./myservice.fbp

Send some data to input

msgflo-send-message --queue repeater.IN --json '{ "foo": "bar" }'
# Should now see output from 'out' participant
# after having traveled through NoFlo and node.js participants