Non-MsgFlo-aware participants

MsgFlo can work with existing code that uses a supported message-queues system (AMQP, MQTT). Because the existing code is not MsgFlo-aware, another process needs to send the MsgFlo discovery message on its behalf.

For instance if we had a system that takes data on a queue named process/A/in, transforms it and then sends the results on queue process/A/out, the information can be declared in a YAML file:

 # File: participants/ProcessSomething.yaml
component: ProcessSomething
label: Process input and send some output
icon: ambulance
    queue: process/A/in
    type: string
    queue: process/A/out
    type: string

And then run msgflo-register to publish the information

msgflo-register --role A:./participants/ProcessSomething.yaml

The queue key supports substituting #ROLE. This allows a single YAML file to declare a component which can be instantiated multiple times - each with a different role and queue name.

Several real-life examples of foreign participant declaration can be found in c-flo.